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Bright and Low Power

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Dimmable Mini Led Light

LED light bulbs have a longer life than traditional incandescent light bulbs and require less energy. They come in a variety of shapes, offer a variety of sheens, and come in different base widths to match almost any light fixture.

Product 1

1W/2W/3W/4W led Mini spot light

Product 2

1W/2W/3W/4W led Mini waterproof spot light

Product 3

High quality led downlight

Product 4

High quality led grass spot light


ZHUHAI KEEPSUN INDUSTRY CO LIMITED is professional in LED field,manufacturer of LED lights.Focusing on high marketing ,best quality and best service . The products are all 50000h lifespan ,3-5 years warranty.  Our customers have been all over the world in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Australia and so on. We have always maintained a positive passion for innovation, and strive to become your best partner.

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